The values given here are the initial values, for Skill Level 1. Whenever a character levels up they get a randomized bonus to their HP and/or MP within a certain range. The way I understand it now is that all my stats are boosted by a set amount upon my character leveling up. After those encounters, there are none that require the party to gain experience until all the equipment in the game becomes available. Number of followers 82 Number of moderators 4 Number of guides 10 Number of resources 2 Date added 12 May 2015, 23:38. The Orator's Praise, Intimidate, Preach, and Enlighten (and, to a lesser degree, Ramza's exclusive Squire abilities Steel and Shout) can also be exploited to alter Bravery and Faith; a fourth of any change in Bravery or Faith during battle is permanent. Please expand this article into a full one. Dark Ixion, Cactuar King and Don Tonberry are the best options for AP farming. Once the player can purchase Clear Spheres at the Monster Arena, they can use them to blank spots on the Sphere Grid and fill them in with stat-boosting spheres of their choice. As Leviathan, Gilgamesh, Cactuar and Diabolos are espers exclusive to the Finest Fantasy for Advance, mobile and Steam releases, in the SNES and PlayStation versions Odin is the only esper to grant a Speed bonus. Typically, Noel will finish with higher HP and Strength than Serah, but with less Magic. FF3 - New Menu Layout. All other stats are the same for someone with the same level, job, job level and equipment. One recommended strategy is to use all the available large nodes to increase Serah's Magic and Noel's Strength. The same is done just before a character joins the party, as their HP and MP are determined there as well. The robot and monster have high agility, the human has moderate agility, and the mutant has low agility. The stat … Agility soft caps at 170 with any extra points only deciding first hits (unnecessary with the First Strike ability). Using junctions it is possible to max out a character's stats without any bonuses, but this requires high-powered magic, whereas the bonuses allow the player to reach the maximum value with lesser spells, freeing their stronger stock to junction to stats that cannot have bonus increases. The lowest Character LV to beat the Final Boss, as far as I have seen, is two 28's and two 29's; So getting Max HP to 9999 is not necessary. I've just reached the surface world in 3, and am extremely confused as to how stat growth in this game works because of the ambiguity in most guides when … The player will need to place 40 Strength Spheres, 51 Defense Spheres, 46 Magic Spheres, 59 Accuracy Spheres, 21 Agility Spheres, 44 Evasion Spheres, 29 Luck Spheres. It's like a traditional FF menu that we are used to! Remove this notice upon completion. I usually give her a +1 MagPwr esper, so her max MagPwr will now be 127 instead of 128, but she will get 2 more Vigor or 1 more speed than normal.) While most stats are raised by performing actions in battle, the chance to gain Agility is based solely on the user's Evasion percentage. It is possible to save the game before a character levels up and try again to get the best bonus every time a character levels up, but this is time consuming. The Onion Knight is the best class in terms of stats once you get to character level 90+ (which again, is not really necessary). When a character gains a level, StrBonus and MagBonus increase by 3, SprBonus increases by 1 and MStBonus increases by 5. For endgame min-maxing purposes, it is actually better to make a character the class opposite of what their strengths are, than to play to their strengths, because armor will allow for anyone to cap their primary stat. Balthier and Basch make good mages, as they they'll cap their Magick stat regardless, but their innate higher Strength (plus innate Steal for Balthier) makes them more useful during the periods they aren't casting magick. Can someone help me understand the way stat growth works in FF3? Guaranteeing 9,999 HP and 999 MP at level 99 without equipment bonuses is fairly simple. The maximum value for any of your stats is 255. STR > Critical Chance > Determination > VIT > Skill Speed > DEX *These may vary slightly from patch to patch, or by personal preference. For this reason, a player attempting to min-max should purchase HP200s before proceeding past Ashura and the point of no return., Expansion required (Final Fantasy Type-0). The stats that increase by leveling are as follows: The StatBonus values start at 0. In addition to these automatic increases, the Bonus values also increases based on the stat bonuses given by equipment. From what I remember, Magic is useless late-game, Agility won't increase your speed past +170, and Accuracy does not need to be maxed if you are going to max Luck (which has more benefits). Alternatively, particularly if levels are already maxed, the Devour command may be used on certain opponents to permanently increase stats. HP maxes at 9,999 while the other four stats max out at 255. Some Guardian Forces have innate support skills that grant a permanent increase to base stats on level up, so to maximize stat growth the player should keep their characters at a low level until they can equip these. This isn't really a huge deal, unless you want to eventually have 9999HP (which isn't really necessary). So to make sure I understand this, if I played as a Freelancer to character level 99, then switched to Onion Knight (job level 1), I would immediately have all the base stats at 99? The mutant easily kills the second enemy with a rechargeable ability. At this point there are three encounters that force Zidane or several characters to gain levels. Because stats are fixed within each Job, choosing a low Vitality Job will result in a character with relatively low Max HP. The PC version uses the touchscreen button style layout, from the Android/iOS release, which looks awkward on a big screen! There aren't many bosses where only one or two attacks finishes the battle, so it is likely that everyone will get a chance to take an action in any case. You gain stats when you gain a character level, and these stat gains are fixed regardless of job. The higher Luck cap won't change much on the requirements to max all stats, the player will just have to decide between maxing Luck or maxing Accuracy and Evasion. Characters gain greater stat boosts due to the stat values on their equipment. All characters gain different HP and MP per each level, and between level 50 and level 77, a character will gain at least 130 HP, while MP growth is maximized between level 10 and level 35. This set amount is determined by the job I have at the time I level up (like Dragon's Dogma, if anyone's played that). With the use of the Add Status support ability and the Stop status to avoid gaining experience, it is possible to keep the party at Level 1 until Pandemonium. The stats that increase by leveling are as follows: HPMod and MPMod begin at 250 and 200, respectively and increase irregularly with level. So I recently decided to go back and play the older Final Fantasy games, or at least, the ones I had easy and convenient access to (namely, 3-6 on Steam). Keeping at least one Master Sphere may be useful just to check if a character's Sphere Grid has been completed, as trying to use Master Sphere on a character who has activated all nodes has it grayed out, otherwise, it will show where the remaining nodes are. Further stat boosts depend on what augments the player has given them, each augment being tied to one or more specific stat, and thus giving a set boost to those stats on level up. For best results, ensure that the parent width is a static value. The formula which determines HP growth upon levelling up depends partially on your Vitality - therefore, characters with higher Vitality will gain more HP. When he defeats Dark Kain and becomes a Holy Dragoon, Kain will retain his level, but his stat growth is different from his time as the Hooded Man. Max HP: 2 - 4 levels of Bahamut (HP +50%) is fine. Obviously, this scenario is only generally applicable in random battles. Activates Magic, Magic Defense, or MP nodes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At Level 50, the level cap in Kain's Tale, the Hooded Man has 3,150 HP and 105 MP, while if the player keeps the Hooded Man at his starting level of 15 and levels Kain to 50 after he becomes a Holy Dragoon, he will have 4,036 HP and 206 MP. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. For purposes of min-maxing, it is best to not upgrade Odin into the Raiden magicite. re: Max stats omega is unbeatable without holy wars and if your good enough without getting hit by him! Best Solo Stats Increase- This part will offer the best combination of raising one stats to the max as possible, since levels go up to only 99, many stats can't go to the max of 99. Version 2.0! Magic. Monster statistics are set and based on the actual monsters in-game. However, the most accurate attack in the game (belonging Dark Ixion) requires a combined total of 290 to ensure dodge any evadable attack; it does not matter whether this is 255 Evasion and 35 Luck, or 35 Evasion and 255 Luck, or anywhere in-between. Die meisten Stat-Maxing-Guides im Internet empfehlen, alle [+1/+2/+3]-Felder wegzusprengen und in entsprechende [+4]-Felder umzuwandeln. These are the only base stats that armor typically won't max out naturally. The robot and the monster easily kill the first monster before the human gets its turn. Therefore, in order to maximize the potential for stats with humans and mutants is to at least have their turn come up in every battle. 999 MP is easier to track, as each character gets 11 MP from level 97 to 98 and 13 from 98 to 99, so the player just needs to remember to equip Crusader for the last level or two. Humans and mutants also can gain an increase to maximum HP if they survive a battle. The Job's stats raise depending on its Skill Level. The robot and monster easily kill the first enemy and the human easily kills the second enemy before the mutant acts. Your job level affects your damage (e.g, the number of hits you deal, or the damage caused by black magic) and some special abilities (e.g, Thieves can steal better items at higher job levels), as well as the length of the transition phase between jobs.

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