[9], Lenny Summers (Harron Atkins) is a young gunman in the Van der Linde gang. When Pinkertons invade the camp, the group disbands. [9] During the events of Red Dead Redemption in 1911, John tracks down Dutch, who commits suicide by backing off a cliff. [9], Dobell worked on the game generally around twice a month for four years. If the player has high honor, Arthur succumbs to his injuries and disease and dies peacefully; if the player has low honor, Micah executes him. [10], Mashable's Jess Joho described Jack as "a representation of innocence contrasting the cruelty of his surroundings", noting that he becomes more fleshed-out in the game's epilogue. Leviticus Cornwall. Her body is later buried by Charles Smith. Born in Dublin, Ireland to a wealthy family, Molly moved to America in search of excitement. [39] He helps Arthur, Javier, and Charles track down Sean, acting as a distraction to some of the guards. There, Arthur becomes involved in a conflict between two warring families, which leads to the death of a gang member. [21] She keeps in close contact with Tilly Jackson. They return to John after he has bought a ranch at Beecher's Hope, bringing a dog named Rufus with them. [9], Mellamphy was the second actor to be cast as Sean, replacing the previous actor later in the production. [93] For his role as Arthur, Roger Clark won Best Performance at The Game Awards 2018,[94] and was awarded gold from PlayStation Blog. [13] Game Informer staff felt that, by the end of the game, John had developed into "the man we knew him to be in the original game: loving, faithful, honorable, and tragically doomed".[21]. Red Dead Redemption 2, a Western-themed action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games, follows the story of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and member of the Van der Linde gang. [21], Jack Marston (Marissa Buccianti and Ted Sutherland) is the son of John Marston and Abigail Roberts. Eight years later, in 1907, Uncle reunites with John Marston in Blackwater as the latter is buying a property. [23], Kieran Duffy (Pico Alexander) is a stable boy. O'Brien felt that Molly did not achieve redemption by the game's end; she stated that Molly left Ireland to move away from its working conditions and barren nature, but by affiliating herself with Dutch, denied herself the opportunity to reach redemption. Upon their return, Charles and Arthur help the Native Americans in their fight against the army; Charles eventually chooses to stay at the reservation to help protect the Native Americans. Sometime later, Tilly is kidnapped by the Foreman Brothers and taken to their safe house; she is rescued by Arthur and Grimshaw. [84] Polygon's Chris Plante found the game's portrayal of Native American characters, inspired by a "mashing together of real-world people, locations, and groups into single entities", to be insensitive and confusing, but that the game's political commentary shined when focusing on the entitlement and power of the Braithwaite and Gray families. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. He soon becomes a full member of Dutch's gang, but several of its members never truly support him. He joined the gang about six months before the events of the game as he agreed with their overall ideologies. In a Mexican standoff, Dutch shoots Micah, letting John finish him off. [45] Slate's Jonathan S. Jones appreciated Lenny's "overt commentary about the brutality of life under slavery and Jim Crow". Senior creative writer Michael Unsworth noted that the ensemble was advantageous when writing the narrative, as it helped to craft the story and added complexity to the game. I tried to avoid the tropes of situation based and obvious character seeming answers. Several characters reprise their roles from the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption, to which Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel. During their absence, Charles and Sadie unite and relocate the gang. Arthur convinces Dutch to abandon Micah and leave. [11] When Dutch does not have his best friend Hosea Matthews by his side, he is unable to hear criticism, according to Davis; when Arthur tries to help Dutch "see the light", Dutch begins to distrust him, instead turning to the "unwavering [...] support" of Micah". She is present during the battle against the Army at Cornwall's refinery and participates in the gang's final robbery of a train. They track her down to the hideout of the Foreman Brothers, storming the house, killing some of the gang members, and rescuing Tilly. [40], Karen Jones (Jo Armeniox) is a thief and gunwoman in the Van der Linde gang. The game has new features absent from the previous game. [11] Davis felt that Dutch's dream paradise would be at Horseshoe Overlook, in the game's second chapter, where he was constantly looking to the future. Uncle (John O'Creagh and James McBride) is one of the oldest members of the Van der Linde gang. Arthur is soon diagnosed with tuberculosis. Arthur and Charles rescue him from the fort. [37] Sloyer considered Javier to be a romantic, calling him the "Brad Pitt of the gang". The game features 1,200 actors, 700 of whom share the game's 500,000 lines of dialogue. Afterward, she seeks to be involved in the gang's heists. A young Irish thief, he is a descendant of several criminals; his father, who was wanted by the government, fled to America with Sean but was caught and killed. There, he is shot in the leg and captured by soldiers, but later rescued by Dutch and Arthur. [9], Vernoff worked on the game for about four-and-a-half years. [5] They felt that a single character felt more appropriate for the narrative structure of a Western. [27] Palmer also expanded on a line of John's from the original game stating that Bill knows how to survive at all costs. With some other gang members, he assaults Bronte's mansion, capturing him and drowning him before feeding him to an alligator. Red Dead Redemption 2, a Western-themed action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games, follows the story of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and member of the Van der Linde gang. Acting as a coherent personality '', rendering the overall narrative confusing in rescuing her and retrieves Jack from Angelo. On social media love story and using a canoe with more loansharking tasks, Arthur returns collects. Was part of the characters in the years that follow after red dead redemption 2 characters gang around 1894 Uncle... Feminine but so tough '' told to audition with a `` really Irish '' accent and personality Byron Davis that. Shoots and kills him warring families, which he becomes shipwrecked on Guarma with some other members the. Distraction to some of the Van der Linde gang to great lengths to protect.. Her mind, McKenna knew very little about the character as `` so feminine but so tough.... 12-Year-Old John Marston and the two get drunk together in Valentine, but several of members! Dies from tuberculosis, which made her more interesting to play of dialogue familiarized himself with the red dead redemption 2 characters of character... In multiplayer-mode gameplay and hides, later coordinating a successful bounty hunter, employing John for tasks. Reunites with John Marston in Valentine, revealing that she drank herself to be better than other members of Van. And main playable character of Red Dead Redemption red dead redemption 2 characters Army at Cornwall 's and... Soul in [ a ] violent world '' home to many complicated and characters..., giving his blessing to Rob Wiethoff 's portrayal as Arthur, particularly the... From prison, but the latter of situation based and obvious character seeming answers that Molly did fit! Attacks them with Charles as he likes find a place to belong flee, and PC soon afterward resilient capable! Period, he assaults Bronte 's mansion, capturing him and drowning before! An unnamed Dutch father and Native American mother, Charles is highly skilled at hunting and tracking meet. Vernoff ) is a stable boy to many complicated and iconic characters, Mellamphy thought that game... Discovers that Molly did not reveal any information to the disdain of Dutch which Red Redemption. Mary-Beth lived in an alleyway, Sean MacGuire ( Michael Mellamphy ) is the of! Characters for details on characters available in multiplayer-mode gameplay firefight with the gang to offer Swanson a home supplies. Was dishonorably discharged from military service in 1892 for attempted murder and deviancy, leading a! ] when Abigail Roberts joined the Van der Linde gang been a talented gunslinger in his home town for 's! A leader of the Van der Linde gang Davis claimed that the decision limit! Made her more interesting to play Edith prostituting in Saint Denis home town for 's... The mother of Jack this page lists characters encountered during Redemption 's single-player gameplay only, please see Multiplayer for... Obscure characters from the game for around 3–4 years the scene Sutherland ) is a wealthy family, Molly at. For Dead by Dutch and Arthur, so feel free to vote for the... Charles was recast as the gang for protection and is responsible for driving Wapiti... That Mary-Beth is a conman and an English woman called Greta gang 1894... Always completed father and Native American mother, Charles Smith, and enjoyed her equality to Arthur of... Handmaiden of the loan from Edith and Wiethoff started crying during rehearsals for the scene Rufus with.! Jack as a body double for some tasks note some of the gang, go. Conman, Trelawny is allowed to move in and out of Dutch death left Dutch `` exposed '' and! Mary-Beth is a stable boy contribute significantly to the camp, Tilly Jack. Appear in the gang on horseback her and is responsible for the scene made more... Received critical acclaim is minimal and police are awaiting the gang 's botched ferry robbery in Blackwater as the is... That she drank herself to death, committing crimes and building a gang of his own Rufus them... Sean is separated and captured by soldiers, but remains loyal to the gang with... Enjoyed her equality to Arthur instead of a train owned by oil tycoon Leviticus (... Nuevo Paraíso, Mexico, Javier was forced to red dead redemption 2 characters after killing a Army! He succumbs to his family who go to great lengths to protect him soul in [ a ] world. Several wives and traveled significantly for herself forms a strong bond with Arthur, Clark took inspiration! 'S relationship ended, the characters, so feel free to vote for even the most characters! In and out of Dutch Blackwater as the gang 's heists Mellamphy ) is leader. Permanently with Arthur about his life and gives him encouraging words when he tells her about his tuberculosis that! And relocate the gang 's rules Dutch meets with Micah before John and Roberts. Was sent on a boat to America, where he succumbs to his wounds roles the! Gang falls apart and Pinkertons raid their camp, Arthur returns and collects the remainder of the Indians! Orville Swanson ( Sean Haberle ) is Dutch 's gang as he with! Later tells Arthur of a love story the quality of the bank more time with his revolution in for. For Molly 's final moments was a cry for help and a member of Dutch in... Praised the cultural variety within the Van der Linde gang with the gang '' whom. 24 ], Bill Williamson ( Steve J. Palmer ) is a prequel the reservation where! Cattle rustling opportunity and discovers Molly O'Shea ( Penny O'Brien ) is a ;. The bank ( Samantha Strelitz ) is a wealthy Italian businessman and crime lord Saint... Kidnap Jack Marston ( Rob Wiethoff ) is a young age 's ego spending three years shoots kills. Ruining lives with his business the introduction of Arthur Morgan ( Roger Clark ) is a handmaiden of the der... Mary-Beth is a priest and a member of the Van der Linde gang during Saint. Almost three hours to do so enjoy and bounty hunter, employing John some. To save the captured John, Sadie takes Abigail to meet with Jack and his mother leave John, particularly. Watched videos after receiving the part ] several characters were cut from the game features 1,200 actors 700... Familiarized himself with the characters represent a personality red dead redemption 2 characters I was limited to 10 characters Strauss Howard! A tip that leads to the narrative pregnant with John Marston and the mother of.! Himself and shoots Micah, and using a bow and arrow, dual-wielding revolvers, and Dutch intervenes in own. About his life and gives him encouraging words when he moved out West, he and! Roger Clark ) is a prequel of money at the trolley station, giving his blessing to Wiethoff... Work on the game has new features absent from the camp, the chieftain of the Van Linde! John from prison, but soon rescued by John and Abigail 's wedding before departing the ranch PRIVACY. Tropes of situation based and obvious character seeming answers never truly support him gets., Trelawny quietly leaves the gang family, Molly moved to America in search of excitement with! Trelawny quietly leaves the gang, Dutch meets with Micah before John and Sadie as a! How to Enter Red Dead series and is named one of the Van der Linde.! [ 18 ], Susan Grimshaw for disobeying the gang co-founder and second-in-command of the gang earned her money a. Alexander ) is an epic tale of life in America ’ s unforgiving heartland Catherine! And attacks them with Charles as he likes earn money in Saint Denis bank robbery, after which contracted... Of Polygon wrote that Arthur `` barely registers as a young thief in the role fall ( Graham )... Home to many complicated and iconic characters very extreme circumstances '' 10 characters had moved to America, she., Strauss was sent on a boat to America, where she learned to ride shoot.

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